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The History of Stuckey Furniture

In 1930, Dexter Lee Stuckey, Sr., was a member of The Woodmen of the World organization in the rural community of Stuckey, SC, 33 miles inland from Georgetown, SC. They needed some chairs for their meeting hall, but the nearby furniture store in Hemingway wouldn't give them a discount. A truck loaded with slat bottom chairs happened by Dexter's and his brothers' automotive garage/grocery store so Dexter inquired about buying 20 chairs. The driver gave him the factory's number which Dexter called and ordered a truckload, receiving 719 simple slat-bottom chairs. Twenty chairs were given to The Woodmen of the World, and Dexter displayed the other chairs at the automotive garage/grocery store. They were priced at $1.25 each. This began his career in the furniture industry. "I thought it would take me a year to sell all those chairs," said Dexter, "but in two weeks, I had sold every one of them." Folks came back for tables to go with the chairs, then end tables, beds, etc; hence, Stuckey Bros. Furniture began.

History of Stuckey Furniture
History of Stuckey Furniture

Stuckey Bros. Furniture outgrew the brothers' initial automotive garage/grocery store, a barn and two warehouse sized showrooms; later, they even added locations throughout North and South Carolina and Georgia. The brothers split up the auto garage, grocery and furniture businesses. Dexter, Sr., got the furniture side of the businesses. Dexter Lee, Sr.'s son, Dexter Lee, Jr., and his brother, Bill, began working in the business at ages of 12. Presently, Lee, Bill and Lee's son, Dexter, III, oversee the daily operations of Stuckey Furniture in the two operating locations: Mount Pleasant, and Stuckey, South Carolina. Stuckey Bros. Furniture, presently known as Stuckey Furniture, remains a family business, the largest family owned furniture business in South Carolina.

Stuckey Furniture just may have been the first furniture store in the Carolinas to ship out of state. Originally, our prices were cost plus 10% plus freight. In the late 1940s and early 1950s, we started selling to military families at Shaw AFB, Charleston AFB, Myrtle Beach AFB and Fort Bragg, NC, Army Base. As the military customers were transferred out of SC, they spread our reputation of selling furniture at discount prices throughout the US. In the late 1950s, 2/3 of our sales consisted of furniture shipped out of state. An article in the Washington Post advised its readers to shop with Stuckey Furniture because of discounted prices. In the early 1960s, most of our out of state business was to the Washington, DC, area, as well as the cities nearby in Maryland and Virginia.

Stuckey Furniture's business model has always been based on selling at the very lowest prices possible by trying hard to find the very best values for our customers, by keeping expenses as low as possible, and owning all of our showrooms and warehouses. Also, we strive to give the very best customer service. To maintain our goals of providing good customer service, we have knowledgeable and experienced managers and staff (some of 50 years) to help customers find the exact piece for which they are looking, as well as professional and courteous delivery personnel. Furniture can be purchased off our floor today or special ordered which enables customers to get custom designed fabrics and/or finishes needed for their perfect home design. We also offer a design program for licensed Interior Design professionals.

Stuckey Furniture has become a household name throughout the Lowcountry. Customers continue to come in referred to us by their parents, grandparents and great-grandparents. We have been faithfully serving generations of families since 1930, with one goal in mind: to make your house the home you have always wanted!

Stuckey Furniture only sells in the state of South Carolina and Wilmington, NC.